What are Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums?

In November 2020, Plasma Pen launched a brand new range of serum treatments, designed to treat the face and body. These serum treatments have been specifically formulated to benefit your skin in a variety of ways, including contouring, stimulating collagen production and strengthening the skin on your face and body.

Each serum is suitable to address one particular problem area of the skin on the face, neck or body and can be delivered using our innovative Plasma Pen device with fractional and permeating tips through a process known as plasmaporation. Read on to find out more.

What is plasmaporation?

Plasmaporation works similarly to how electroporation works. The Plasma Pen device is used to create a superficial disruption to the skin’s layers and allows therapeutic substances to be absorbed deep into the layers of the skin without any need for invasive procedures.

During the plasmaporation procedure, your Plasma Pen technician uses their Plasma Pen device with our unique fractional and permeating tips. This works to safely and non-invasively transfer the Plasma Pen serum treatments into your skin to treat a variety of problem areas.

What are the benefits of the Plasmaporation treatment?

Our innovative facial serum treatments work to brighten, refresh and resurface the skin, particularly following Plasma Pen fibroblasting treatments. This facial serum range works to speed up the healing process, whilst reducing any appearance of hyperpigmentation that may be present.

Unlike a fibroblasting treatment with a Plasma Pen device, administering our facial serum treatments does not require any topical anaesthetic and has absolutely no downtime. That means you can return to daily life as soon as you have received your first treatment.

What does Plasmaporation treat?

Our Plasmaporation serum treatments are a great way to tackle several problem skin areas, including the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Coupled with one of our Plasma Pen fibroblasting treatments, these serum treatments work to eliminate the signs of ageing by smoothing the skin and visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face and body.

The same can be said for skin that is showing the signs of photoaging as a result of too much exposure to sunlight. Wave goodbye to dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles too with our innovative Plasma Pen treatments delivered with the range of exclusive serums.

These serum treatments are also perfect for use on dry, flaking and dull skin. These luxurious and rich serums work to hydrate dry and dull-looking skin. Our facial serum treatments are also perfectly suited to treating acne, oily skin and large pores.

What do each of the Plasma Pen serum treatments do?

The Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum range consists of seven serums to treat different areas of the skin across the face, neck and body. These serum treatments are suitable to treat a variety of issues including cellulite, stretch marks and so much more. Read on to find out more about what each of the seven Plasma Pen serum treatments can do for you.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 1

This facial serum treatment is designed to improve facial contouring by visibly reducing the appearance of a double-chin, whilst also redefining the shape of the face. If you want chiselled cheekbones, serum 1 can help you to achieve this.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 2

Our second serum treatment is designed to stimulate type 111 collagen, which works to restore the connective tissue of the skin which firms the skin. This serum treatment is perfect for those looking to make their skin look smoother, fuller and more rejuvenated.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 3

Our third serum treatment is designed to strengthen the skin whilst simultaneously working to brighten and even out skin tone. Our third facial serum is perfect for use on scars and stretch marks, particularly on facial scars left by acne.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 4

Plasma Pen treatment serum four is perfectly suited to strengthen the elastic fibres of the skin on the face and body. By strengthening the elastic fibres of the skin, this serum treatment works to eradicate any signs of ageing.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 5

The Plasma Pen treatment serum five works to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin by promoting the production of collagen. This leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and smooth.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 6

The Plasma Pen serum treatment six works to improve contouring and sculpting on the body across the abdomen, thighs and other problem areas. Serum treatment six is the ideal solution to help you firm and tone areas of the body that cause you concerns.

Plasma Pen Transdermal Serum 7

The Transdermal Serum 7 is our perfect maintenance solution following a fat-dissolving treatment. This serum treatment helps you to contour and sculpt areas of both the face and body to highlight definition.

Plasma Pen serum treatment range

Interested in finding out more about Plasma Pen Transdermal Serums? Contact our customer success team to find a technician in your local area to start receiving our incredible Plasma Pen treatments today. The serum range is suitable for a variety of skin types and can address a wide range of problem skin areas. So what’s stopping you? Get in touch today!