Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International

The world's #1 nitrogen plasma devices from Louise Walsh International, designed to deliver non-invasive soft-surgery fibroblasting and hyaluronic lip filler treatments

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Plasma Pen Classic device | Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen Classic

Our original device, geared towards beauty, aesthetics and spa professionals. Our Plasma Pen device delivers non-invasive soft-surgery and fibroblasting treatments for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Plasma Pen Ultra device with LED screen | Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen Ultra

Our Plasma Pen Ultra device is geared towards experienced aestheticians and medical professionals to deliver all primary fibroblasting treatments and more advanced treatments. This Plasma Pen device uses two power settings for varied intensities for efficient and effective results.

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Plasma Pen Black Platinum device | Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen Platinum

Our sleek Plasma Pen Platinum device has five-speeds to deliver exceptional fibroblasting plasma technology. Geared towards medical professionals and highly experienced aestheticians, the Plasma Pen Platinum is the ultimate device in our range to deliver primary, advanced and next-generation Plasma Pen treatments.

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HyaPenPro device - no needle lip filler | Plasma Pen


HyaPenPro by Plasma Pen is the world's #1 no-needle hyaluronic dermal lip filler device. This is the go-to choice for professionals who demand cost-effective, rapid and highly-profitable repeat treatments to deliver exceptional, safe and long-lasting hyaluronic lip filler treatments.

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