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Plasma Pen Ultra to Platinum Upgrade

About this product

This incredible package is to step-up from Plasma Pen Ultra to our sleek and stunning five setting Plasma Pen Platinum device and also get bespoke training or our renowned Advanced / Level 4 course which covers all of the key areas of plasmology required for all of the advanced and niche treatments. Our Plasma Pen Platinum device is completely geared towards medical professionals and highly experienced aestheticians with significant, evidenced and pre-existing plasma experience and is the ultimate device in our portfolio. This offer is available at a heavily subsidised rate to ensure you are futureproofed with the best device and training for your evolving needs.

Why not buy directly from the manufacturer? Email to find out how to purchase this Plasma Pen device.

  • Replacement of your existing Plasma Pen Ultra device with our Plasma Pen Platinum five speed handpiece
  • Immediate refresh on your 12 month manufacturer’s warranty (even if you’re now out of warranty)
  • Includes Advanced Training which features official and accredited Level 4 Plasma Pen Certification or bespoke training
  • Upgrade cost can be added to any existing finance you have




Many of our technicians, especially medics, step-up to this sleek and truly ergonomic device from Plasma Pen Ultra as they consolidate their experience and roll-out their treatment offering to their clients. Our Plasma Pen Platinum device is completely geared towards medical professionals and highly experienced aestheticians with significant, evidenced and pre-existing plasma experience. This is the ultimate device in our portfolio and is designed to underpin all the primary treatments and solutions, fully cover all the advanced and niche treatments.


Our AC powered, plug and play Plasma Pen Platinum device is button controlled with precision pulse operation and on-demand, exceptional plasma generation and truly predictable, pinpoint delivery. Unlike Classic and Ultra, there is no need for the user to keep their finger on the button with Plasma Pen Platinum once the device is activated and the device has five adjustable and automated power settings with each setting increasing in highly measured increments. At setting one the intensity is equivalent to our Plasma Pen Classic device. At setting three the available intensity is doubled to the Level of Plasma Pen Ultra and at setting five, the available intensity is about 50% higher again than Plasma Pen Ultra. This enables rapid pointillism coverage, outstanding spray shading and dramatically increased ablative properties all of which make treatments like large body areas, lesion removal and advanced resurfacing an absolute joy to perform and it is best suited for the increased demands of medical practitioners.

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Plasma Pen Ultra To Plasma Pen Platinum (Device Upgrade With Level 4 / Advanced Training

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is committed to offering its customers the highest level of service and customer satisfaction possible. Please read our terms and conditions in addition to our returns and cancellation policy below very carefully before placing any order. By placing any order you confirm you have read and fully acknowledged all of these terms and conditions. Our standard policy for returns is that that any problem with any order should be outlined by you to us within 24 hours of you receiving the goods and you should then, where relevant, return any goods to us within 7 days. Refunds will usually be provided either as a credit or as a replacement. Read our Returns Policy here.

Please note that, depending on your background/experience, we reserve the right to ask you to supply evidence/examples of your previous work for us and/or qualifications to assess your suitability to purchase Plasma Pen Ultra. Sales of this device are restricted to those with the requisite skills, ability, background and experience to safely use it how it should be used and we reserve the right to refuse any order. This is only available for Plasma Pen Ultra devices which are still under warranty. If device is out of warranty please contact us for a bespoke quote.


“The results are instant and you can see the physical transformation in front of your eyes. You don’t need to brag or upsell this procedure because the results speak for themselves.”

Joanna, Aesthetic Practitioner, Southampton

“After using 2 other devices I almost gave up on the plasma idea! From day one with Plasma Pen, I got amazing and instantaneous results.”

Pauline, Permanent Make-up Artist, South Africa

“Louise Walsh International’s Plasma Pen device is exceptional and it has become an important part of my overall toolkit in the aesthetic work I deliver.”

Thomas, Cosmetic Surgeon, Germany

“Amazing device, training and results! I absolutely love what Louise’s new Plasma Pen device, techniques and treatment can achieve.”

Michelle, Aesthetician, Glasgow

‘I would never put my name to anything that I didn’t think was 100% amazing and this really is. Plasma Pen is by far the best treatment that I offer at my salon.”

Angela, Beauty Therapist, Llandudno

“Plasma Pen has rapidly become our most in-demand treatment. From the minute we added it to our clinical offering we have been inundated with bookings.”

Lena, Clinic Manager, Dubai

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