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Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuator

About this product

Compact, quiet and highly effective smoke evacuation solution with intuitive colour touch screen and long filter life from Plasma Pen comes with state-of-the-art ULPA filtration designed to combat airborne hazards by removing 99.999% of surgical smoke contaminants. Our unit very effectively captures and filters surgical smoke to remove odours, particulates and other potentially hazardous by-products and is very easy to place, integrate and use.

  • Official Plasma Pen product specifically made for our devices
  • Quiet and highly effective smoke evacuation solution
  • Remove odours, particulates & other potentially procedure byproducts
  • State-of-the-art ULPA filtration
  • Removes 99.999% of surgical smoke contaminants
  • Long filter life of up to 300 hours with automated tracking
  • Easy to place, integrate & use
  • Intuitive colour touch screen




Our Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuation Unit is manufactured specifically to integrate with all our Plasma Pen devices and is a compact, quiet and highly effective smoke evacuation solution with state-of-the-art ULPA filtration designed to combat airborne hazards by removing 99.999% of the smoke contaminants. Surgical smoke is a by-product that is generated using devices not just like Plasma Pen but lasers, electrosurgical pencils, ultrasonic devices and other surgical instruments. Since these instruments cauterize vessels and vaporize tissue, they can create gaseous materials (surgical smoke). Our unit very effectively captures and filters this surgical smoke to remove odours, particulates and other potentially hazardous by-products of procedures.


The Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuation unit has an easy to integrate and easy to use design. It can be easily placed on a shelf, counter, desk or workstation. With an excellent filter life of up to 300 hours, our unit delivers unsurpassed value by automatically tracking and recording the filter life. Replacement filters can be purchased through our webstore here. With its intuitive colour touch screen, our unit it is extremely easy to use and requires minimal training. It can be operated with gloved hands making this the perfect product for all our Plasma Pen technicians.

  • The Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuator
  • 1 x plastic tubing
  • 1 x unit filter
  • Instruction manual
  • Full 12 month warranty

All our Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuation units are covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty of at least 12 months (extended periods are available to purchase). We are committed to offering our customers the highest level of service and satisfaction possible. Our standard, over-arching policy for returns is that any problem with any order should be outlined by you to us within 24 hours of you receiving the goods. You must then, where relevant/appropriate/agreed, return any goods to us within 7 days. Refunds will usually be provided either as a credit or as a replacement. Failure to inform us of a problem within 24 hours of you receiving the goods will mean that your order is deemed to have been accepted and checked. No customer who has received/accepted their unit will be entitled to return or a refund (outside of warranty issues which are covered separately) on the basis that we have completely fulfilled all of the requirements of sale and provided you with everything you have purchased. You cannot return to us the commercial value we have provided you. Your device will have been supplied to you in a technically perfect condition, accepted and a full manufacturers’ warranty provided which covers you separately for any fault etc. You should read all our terms and conditions here and pay particular attention to our full returns, refunds and cancellation policy plus the standards and behaviours we expect of students and do so before placing your order. By placing your order you confirm that you have read and fully acknowledged these terms and conditions.

This is an intuitive and easy to use unit but simple one-to-one remote training is provided by Plasma Pen if and where required should you need it. Our Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuator is specifically manufactured to integrate with all our Plasma Pen devices but is suitable for some other devices.


However, unless you have contacted Louise Walsh International to discuss its use with any other device you wish to use this item with and unless you have then received written confirmation from us of its compatibility then it should not be purchased/used with any other devices other than official Louise Walsh International devices. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any damage that is caused from misuse.


The filter with this unit must be changed after the 300 hour limit has been reached otherwise your smoke evacuator will not purify the air in its environment. This could lead to the spread of bacteria. These are available to purchase from us here. Introduction of fluids into the filters could damage the unit so please ensure that you replace the filter immediately if you notice that it has been contaminated with any fluid. When installing a new filter to your unit you must ensure the filter is correctly fitted to the smoke evacuator unit before you begin any treatment.


We advise that you test your machine regularly and visually inspect it at least annually for cleanliness and for any obvious external or internal damage to the unit or power cord and ensure it is running correctly and efficiently. You may wipe the unit with a damp cloth containing mild disinfectant solution or soapy water and then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Do not steam sterilize.

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Angela, Beauty Therapist, Llandudno

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Lena, Clinic Manager, Dubai

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