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Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuator Filter

About this product

Our high quality smoke evacuator filters last for an incredible 300 hours which affords users the ability to undertake many, many procedures before a replacement is ever required. The cost-effective filters are very easily replaced.

  • High quality filter
  • 300 hour life
  • Easily replaced
  • Cost-effective




Our high quality filters on our smoke evacuators last for an incredible 300 hours which affords users the ability to undertake many, many procedures before a replacement is ever required. The cost-effective filters are easily replaced at the back of the unit – please refer to the instruction manual provided with your Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuation Unit to find the correct process for installation.

1 Plasma Pen Smoke Evacuator Filter

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is committed to offering its customers the highest level of service and customer satisfaction possible. Please read our terms and conditions in addition to our returns and cancellation policy below very carefully before placing any order. By placing any order you confirm you have read and fully acknowledged all of these terms and conditions. Our standard policy for returns is that that any problem with any order should be outlined by you to us within 24 hours of you receiving the goods and you should then, where relevant, return any goods to us within 7 days. Refunds will usually be provided either as a credit or as a replacement. Read our Returns Policy here.

Filters must be changed after the 300 hour limit has been reached otherwise your smoke evacuator will not purify the air in its environment. This could lead to the spread of bacteria. Introduction of fluids into the filters could damage the unit, so please ensure that you replace the filter immediately if you notice that it has been contaminated with any fluid.


When installing a new filter to your unit you must ensure the filter is correctly fitted to the smoke evacuator unit before you begin any treatment. We advise that you test your machines regularly to ensure it is running correctly and efficiently. Our smoke evacuator tubing and filters are specifically designed to safely integrate with our unit. Third party and non-approved filters must never be used and doing so may not only affect results and safe operation but may also void your unit warranty.

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