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Plasma Pen Fractional & Permeating Tips Bundle

About this product

Exclusive package containing our re-usable fractional tip and our permeating tip, Plasma Pen Conductor Gel 50ml,  Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Peeling Gel 30ml and LWI Transdermal Serum Number Four.

  • Pack of 2 (fractional tip and permeating tip)
  • Multi-use, medical grade stainless steel
  • Can be autoclaved
  • 50ml Plasma Pen Conductor Gel
  • 30ml Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Peeling Gel
  • LWI Transdermal Serum Number Four
  • Proven to deliver the fastest recovery, shortest downtimes and most optimal results
  • Compatible with all of our Plasma Pen devices




This special bundle is for our Plasma Pen fractional and permeating tips which are specifically designed for advanced rejuvenation, bio-revitalization and cosmeceutical delivery via plasmaporation. These two specialist tips are precision made from medical grade stainless steel, are unique to our device and screw-in. They are reusable and designed to be autoclaved/sterilised after each use.

This exclusive package not only contains your two re-usable and specialists tips (a fractional tip and a permeating tip) but comes with our LWI No Four Transdermal Serum. Plasma Pen 50ml Conductor Gel and a 30ml Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Peeling Gel.

This exclusive package contains your two re-usable and specialists tips (a fractional tip and a permeating tip) and comes with our LWI No Four Transdermal Serum, Plasma Pen 50ml Conductor Gel and a 30ml Plasma Pen Pre-Treatment Peeling Gel.

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Some important points to understand about all of our official Plasma Pen probes and tips:

  • All probes and tips are exclusive to Plasma Pen and are suitable for all of our devices
  • The level of detail and predictability that is able to be delivered with our device, probes and tips (even using our largest diameter nano-probes of 0.4mm) is far superior to any other plasma solution on the market thanks to our smooth plasma delivery and the exceptional level of precision that is possible. Consequently, our devices and probes are absolutely proven to underpin shorter downtimes, faster recovery periods, significantly minimised risk and dramatically enhanced results
  • The different diameter sizes of our nano-probes (0.4mm, 0.3mm and 0.2mm) have been designed for different levels of detail work to be performed and, also, for technician preference
  • The go-to probe for most clients is our 0.4mm diameter nano-probe. These would, typically, be used on any standard Plasma Pen treatment and used for all techniques including falten spotting/pointillism, centre-point and spray
  • Our 0.2mm diameter nano-probe is specifically designed for highly intricate work and is especially useful for certain tight areas and wrinkles. Many treatments do not require this higher level of precision and you will likely find you use them in a ratio of one 0.2mm probe for every five to ten 0.4mm or 0.3mm probes. The 0.2mm nano-probe is of no real use for spray and is primarily used for very detailed pointillism
  • We also supply 0.3mm nano probes with a conical diamond shaped tip made from a copper and titanium alloy. These cannot be bent but, by design, they allow for 360 degree usage. These probes taper to a fine point and deliver a very smooth, precise and uninterrupted flow of nitrogen plasma. Using these probes over the 0.4mm probe is simply a case of technician preference
  • Finally, we have our fractional and permeating tips. These are used for an entirely different application – advanced rejuvenation and biorevitalisation. These tips are designed to introduce cosmeceutical products through plasmaporation and, unlike all our other probes, these special tips are reusable and designed to be autoclaved etc. They are not used for falten spotting/pointillism, centrepoint or spray technique
  • The long and short version of the go-to 0.4mm probes are simply for technician preference. If in doubt, you should always purchase the longer version as they can be “snipped” to your preferred length
  • Only probes that are directly supplied by Plasma Pen and our official distributors/partners are endorsed, safety tested, validated and authorised for use with our devices
  • Any cloned probes (sometimes available from dubious third parties) are completely unfit for use with our devices as they have not been safety tested by us, usually do not pass sterilization protocols and are frequently made of poor metal/alloys with equally poor conductive properties
  • Unofficial probes and tips not directly approved by us for use with our devices will affect the safe operation of your Plasma Pen and using them will immediately invalidate your warranty
  • Single use probes must be disposed of in a sharps bin
  • All probes and tips screw-in clockwise and there is no need to over-tighten

“The results are instant and you can see the physical transformation in front of your eyes. You don’t need to brag or upsell this procedure because the results speak for themselves.”

Joanna, Aesthetic Practitioner, Southampton

“After using 2 other devices I almost gave up on the plasma idea! From day one with Plasma Pen, I got amazing and instantaneous results.”

Pauline, Permanent Make-up Artist, South Africa

“Louise Walsh International’s Plasma Pen device is exceptional and it has become an important part of my overall toolkit in the aesthetic work I deliver.”

Thomas, Cosmetic Surgeon, Germany

“Amazing device, training and results! I absolutely love what Louise’s new Plasma Pen device, techniques and treatment can achieve.”

Michelle, Aesthetician, Glasgow

‘I would never put my name to anything that I didn’t think was 100% amazing and this really is. Plasma Pen is by far the best treatment that I offer at my salon.”

Angela, Beauty Therapist, Llandudno

“Plasma Pen has rapidly become our most in-demand treatment. From the minute we added it to our clinical offering we have been inundated with bookings.”

Lena, Clinic Manager, Dubai

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