Proper mapping protocol can make or break the results of your treatment…

How we map the plasma points for each client will be bespoke.

Our handy guide will help you plan everything from preparation and numbing through to effective mapping for the perfect results.
The top lip is an area of the face we can tighten with fantastic results in the right candidates. The guide will show you how to get the best results.
The guide will also provide handy templates called Plasmagrams. These medical markers support the delivery of consistent, effective treatments every time.
The guide will also highlight what to avoid to ensure the best possible results every time meaning happier, more loyal customers.
Enhance the training you've already received with this mapping guide
Work to a set of consistent rules for the best outcomes every time
Learn how to apply this guidance for the benefit of each unique customer
Gain advanced insight on mapping using Falten Spot and Centre Spot techniques
Advice on the best possible aftercare to further enhance the results
PlasmaPen is recognised by many as the global leader in its field


for those already qualified that are ready to learn more

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