How an advanced aesthetics training course could improve your business

There are a variety of ways to grow your business; increase your marketing spend, put more hours in, or reduce your prices. However, those are not necessarily long-term solutions and there’s no guarantee of business growth – certainly not improved profitability. There is one thing that you can do today that will broaden your offering, ensure your professional development, and potentially allow you to put your prices up and that’s right here with the Plasma Pen advanced aesthetics training course. 

What is an advanced aesthetics training course?

The Plasma Pen™ academy is world-renowned for our cosmetic dermatology & facial aesthetics courses. It is an accredited training course to advanced levels and will give you the skills to offer cosmetic treatments in complex and highly skilled procedures, such as pigmentation work, scar smoothing, and facelifts, amongst many other things. Our advanced aesthetics training course delivers the training you will need to be able to offer the cosmetic skin treatments demanded by your client base that will complement the work you already do as a beauty professional.

Certification as an Advanced Technician will give you the following skills:

  • Facelifts
  • Abdominal skin tightening
  • Advanced resurfacing and rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation work
  • Scar revision
  • Skin tag removal
  • Mole removal.

How will aesthetic training for beauty therapists improve your business prospects?

Here at Plasma Pen, we’ve got a list of reasons why aesthetic training will help improve business prospects:


  • Additional services


Plasma Pen™ training to the level of Advanced Technician will certify you for advanced and complex procedures. By undertaking a facial aesthetics course, you will be able to offer procedures that include facelifts, abdominal work, advanced resurfacing and rejuvenating techniques, skin tag and mole removal, as well as pigmentation work and scar revision.


  • Broaden your client base


Not everyone spends money on regular trips to a beauty salon, but there are many people looking to reduce the effects of ageing or deal with a specific problem area that they want to address. By offering the abdominal work, mole removal or scar revision services that you will learn on our advanced aesthetics training course, you will capture a new market that you don’t currently have access to. If they are happy with your advanced services, they are likely to recommend you to their friends and to come back to you for your other beauty treatments.


  • Professional affiliation


Once certified as an Advanced Technician, you will be affiliated directly to Louise Walsh International, a brand globally renowned for delivering excellence in advanced treatments, services and providing the very best aesthetic training for beauty therapists. To be affiliated to such a well-recognised organisation for dermatological procedures will take your own brand to the next level.


  • Marketing support and PR


Our advanced aesthetics training course includes a section on how to commercialise and market your Plasma Pen™ business, and the practical side of the class will involve networking with other professionals, also offering the opportunity for PR for your own brand. The Louise Walsh International online community also allows you to get support from your peers and the opportunity to network with the medical advisory panel as well as the global community of Technicians and Master Trainers and Ambassadors – you will always feel supported in the work that you are doing. 


  • Higher pricing


When business levels drop, it is tempting to do the same with your prices to encourage new business. However, by investing in an advanced aesthetics training course you are demonstrating your level of skill as a beauty and aesthetics professional; this will give you the confidence to put your prices back up, and encourage a new and elite group of customers looking for that extra skill level. 

How soon will you see a return on your investment?

There are no guarantees in life. However, if you put into practice the marketing and PR advice that you receive, and work to the exceptional standards synonymous with the thousands of Louise Walsh International technicians working globally, there is no reason why you shouldn’t join them in delivering advanced, exceptional cosmetic dermatology treatments.

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