Ask the trainers – what areas of the body can I treat with Plasma Pen

What areas of the body can i treat with PlasmaPen

Here at Plasma Pen, we are carrying on with our ‘Ask the Trainers’ posts and this article is dedicated to the body areas Plasma Pen can treat.

We speak to our very own International Head of Training, Julie Newman-Seunarayan, to discover what Plasma Pen fibroblast training you need to be able to carry out Plasma Pen treatments. We will also find out the earning potential our skin aesthetics course can provide!

Hi Julie, thanks for joining us again! So the big question is: What areas of the body can Plasma Pen treat?

My pleasure, thanks for asking me to join! The answer is: wherever! If you or your clients would love to have rejuvenated skin, eradicate the signs of ageing, or target problem areas, a Plasma Pen treatment course could be the one for you.

The most common areas of the body where I tend to carry out my treatments are the face, neck, chest, upper arms and backs of hands. But the opportunities are endless! The array of opportunities Plasma Pen skin aesthetics specialists provide you with are fantastic and this was a key reason why I decided to start my Plasma Pen journey and begin my fibroblast training.

Also, if you or your clients have any sun spots or age spots that need removing, Plasma Pen can do just that. So why not take our Level 4 Advanced Fibroblasting Training so you can offer skin lesion removal to your clients?

Brilliant to hear! So do you need any specific fibroblasting training to treat these areas of the body?

So at Plasma Pen, we’ve got the Elite Technician skin aesthetics course, as well as the Advanced Technician training course. Our Level 3 training equips you with all of the knowledge to tighten and resurface the skin on the entire body and face. However, if you want to offer something much more to your clients, our Level 4 fibroblasting training allows you to carry out more technical treatments.

For skin lesion removal, stretch mark or scar revision, and age or sun spot removal, a Level 4 Advanced Training qualification is required. If you would like any more information about how you can boost your fibroblasting training qualification from level 3 to 4, one of my helpful colleagues will be able to tell you much more. Just get in touch!

As a beauty professional, what’s the earning potential like after you have trained in fibroblasting treatment?

Due to the small number of accessories required to perform Plasma Pen treatment, the earning potential can look great! A technician can charge whatever they like, although recommended retail prices can be anything from £500 to £1,500 depending on size and area. You can make a considerable return on investment for offering body treatments. As body treatments take longer to perform, time needs to be factored in when setting the price.

Of all the Plasma Pen treatments, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) is a treatment clients are happy to pay a lot for.

So, what is your favourite body area to treat with Plasma Pen?

My favourite area to treat is above the knees, including lower inner thighs, upper inner arms and also tummies.

Fibroblast training to treat body areas

Have you listened to Julie and are now thinking about all of your clients that you know would love this treatment? If the answer is ‘yes’, then why not find out more about the different treatments our skin aesthetics course can provide you?

Check out the treatments Plasma Pen can provide today!

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