The Plasma Pen Taking The World By Storm

The German-engineered, industry-leading plasma fibroblasting solution for beauty, aesthetics and medical professionals worldwide. Receive advanced and accredited training with your Plasma Pen.

The world’s most advanced non- invasive, nitrogen plasma device on the market.

Manufactured in Germany and innovated by aesthetics legend Louise Walsh, the Plasma Pen delivers next-generation, non-surgical skin lifting and tightening. The Plasma Pen is trusted and used by thousands of technicians in over 50 countries. Our precision devices are proven to deliver the most optimal, natural looking, & long-lasting plasma fibroblast results. All with minimal downtime and rapid recovery.


The Pens

Plasma Pen Classic
Plasma Pen Ultra
Plasma Pen Platinum

Plasma Pen Classic

Our original device, the Plasma Pen Classic is the number one selling plasma device geared towards beauty, aesthetics and spa professionals. Our Plasma Pen device delivers non-invasive soft-surgery and plasma fibroblast treatments to underpin next-generation skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing, revitalisation and regeneration treatments.

Ergonomic, striking, black brushed aluminium design
Precision pulse operation with on-demand plasma generation & delivery
Prestigious, fully accredited certification
Plug & play, fingertip controlled nitrogen plasma device
Proven to deliver results with a fast recovery times
German manufacturing provenance & superior engineering

Plasma Pen Ultra

Our incredible dual-setting Plasma Pen Ultra is ideal for more experienced aestheticians & medical professionals. The Plasma Pen Ultra has been designed to underpin all of our primary treatments and more advanced medical treatments, such as scar revision, lesion removal and advanced resurfacing. Like all of our devices, the Plasma Pen Ultra is designed for non-invasive soft-surgery and plasma fibroblast treatments.

Ergonomic, stylish, black brushed aluminium design with LED display
Proven to deliver results with a fast recovery times
Significantly enhanced spray shading, ablative properties & rapid coverage
Safe, predictable & uniform delivery of Plasma Gas
‘Plug & play’ fingertip controlled nitrogen plasma device with two adjustable power settings
World-class academic & practical training

Plasma Pen Platinum

Our super-sleek, five-settings Plasma Pen Platinum device is completely geared towards medical professionals and highly experienced aestheticians with significant plasma treatment experience. The Plasma Pen Platinum is the ultimate device in our range, designed to underpin all of our primary treatments, advanced treatments and next-generation treatments possible with plasma technology.

Sleek, balanced & distinctive black brushed aluminium design with LED display
Ergonomic, striking aluminium design
Safe, meticulous and predictable delivery of plasma
Exceptionally versatile device that fully addresses every treatment scenario
‘Plug & play’ continuous nitrogen plasma device with five adjustable power settings
Finance, upgrade and trade-in options available


Our HyaPenPro is the world’s #1 no-needle hyaluronic dermal filler device, making it the go-to choice for professionals who demand cost-effective, rapid and highly-profitable repeat treatments to deliver exceptional, safe and very long-lasting aesthetic results. HyaPenPro delivers instantaneous, long-lasting and natural-looking results that your clients will be delighted with.

No-needle, pressurised & predictable delivery that eliminates social downtime
Microscopic entry points with little-to-no discomfort, bruising, swelling, bleeding or risk
The go-to solution for symmetry, augmentation & enhancement
Stainless-steel, ergonomic spring & piston device
Meticulous device calibration & dosage accuracy with up to 7 variable pressure-settings
Spectacular clinical outcomes that create symmetry, enhancement and a natural look

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International - Trusted Globally

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Plasma Pen™ Trusted Globally

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About LWI

Louise Walsh has been one of the biggest names in global beauty for three decades. As a celebrity esthetician and beauty entrepreneur, Louise Walsh brought semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) to the UK over 30 years ago. Her reputation as the leading expert in Plasma technology and non-invasive procedures has earned her worldwide recognition...

“Amazing device, training and results! I absolutely love what Louise’s new Plasma Pen device, techniques and treatment can achieve.”
Michelle, Aesthetician, Glasgow
"I absolutely love my plasma pen and the treatments it delivers, I have many happy clients and the ladies in the office are very helpful if you need any help at all"
Gillian Kennedy, Salon Owner, United Kingdom
“Great training and great support by this company. I have been using Louise Walsh pens for two years and get great results on my clients. Having this online training is a great resource for any time I need a refresher. Thank you!”
Julie Davis, Salon Owner, United Kingdom
"Our clients are thrilled with the results they get from Plasma Pen treatments and for us as skin therapists there is finally a device that does exactly what it says it will do - SHRINKS SKIN! The tightening and rejuvenating effect of this device is phenomenal. 5plus in our eyes"
Beauty On Demand, Beauty Salon, United Kingdom
"As an aesthetician and working alongside an aesthetic doctor we can honestly say this device is the best we have tried! Training was comprehensive and the results achieved in clinic have been excellent with many happy patients."
Nichola Hulbert, Aesthetician, Leeds
"Cannot fault the team at Plasma Pen at all - they're all absolutely lovely and so helpful! Brilliant customer service."
Eleanor West, Salon Owner, Untied Kingdom
"Nearly never went here after listening and reading a few negative comments below but SO GLAD I DID, it couldn’t be anymore fabulous and professional really impressed in every area and as for the pen the quality is exceptional so say no more ! Worth every penny!"
Jane Hastings, Salon Owner, United Kingdom
"I would highly recommend Louise Walsh she is so knowledgeable and experienced in plasma and HyaPenPro treatments beyond belief. Her equipment is second to none all manufactured by top quality experts giving us technicians top quality equipment to produce A1 results on our clients. My only regret is not meeting Louise Walsh sooner!!"
Laura Kinsella, Aesthetician, United Kingdom

How it Works

Plasma Pen can be used to treat any area of the body to tighten, resurface, rejuvenate, and regenerate skin to dramatically eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The Plasma Pen is also popular for jaw augmentation and for softening laughter lines. Speak to an expert to learn more about what Plasma Pen can bring to your practice.

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Advanced Training

Our Global HQ, located in the UK, is the central hub where we manage all of our international distribution. You’ll also find our network of Plasma medical aesthetics training locations situated around the globe – where Master Trainers create Elite and Advanced Plasma Technicians. Training is available on-site and online.

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Innovative Science

The Plasma Pen creates nitrogen plasma gas. During treatment, energy collects on the surface of the barrier and a gaseous flash of ionized plasma is safely released about 1mm above the skin. This transfers to the epidermal layer of skin to create superficial trauma and plasma fibroblasts, which in turn stimulates collagen and results in impressive skin tightening and rejuvenation.

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Success Stories

“Chosen by experts as the go-to fibroblasting device for technicians”

Our infrastructure, Plasma Pens, training, and support are all universally acclaimed. Our goal is to set your business up for success, helping you and your clients thrive. Click the button below to read a few testimonials and comments from satisfied medical professionals.


Financing Available


We offer a full finance package over three years for both our devices and our Training programs.


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    Get in touch with the team at Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International. Our expert team is on hand to assist with any questions, and to advise and support you in answering any questions your clients may have.