Plasma Pen Pre Treatment Gel Step 2 (30ml)

£70.00 (ex VAT)

  • 30ml Gel
  • Lidocaine Based
  • Contains Epinephrine
  • Fast Acting
  • Non Prescription
  • Keep refrigerated


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Numb step 2 gel is designed to work within the skin. The gel works by numbing inside the skin for a short time and is applied, where appropriate and after spray shading, before certain Plasma Pen procedures to help prevent any pain on the skin although feelings of pressure and touch will likely remain. You must check your local authority / country status and any other relevant authority before purchasing, using or applying any topical anaesthetic, even over the counter and approved products. Regardless, you must complete a full consultation and make yourself fully aware of any contraindications and/or medical conditions which could prevent the safe use/application of any topical anaesthetic, no matter how mild, such as there being an allergy to any of the ingredients. You must follow all training guidelines in terms of the safe application of topical anaesthetic. Topical anaesthetics such as LMX and EMLA contain up to 5% lidocaine and/or prilocaine. Only fully certified Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International technicians may purchase topical anaesthetics and we restrict sales in certain territories and/or deliver from certain territories.