Plasma Pen Extended Warranty (Three Years)

£300.00 (ex VAT)

• 3 Year Warranty

• Direct From The Manufacturer

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All of our devices automatically come with a full manufacturer’s warranty which covers the 12 month period from the date of receipt of your device. In the unlikely event of a device fault or failure whilst under warranty, we will immediately ship you a replacement device or a loan device (whichever is most appropriate given the nature of the device issue). You may choose to extend this warranty for an additional 24 months for the price indicated meaning your warranty would thus cover you for 36 months. Regardless of warranty length, your warranty covers the entire device for malfunctions due to material defects or manufacturing defects. Functional defects due to wear and tear and improper use are obviously excluded from the warranty guarantee and the guarantee is also void if unqualified or unauthorised personnel attempt to repair and/or open the device or if non-approved products are used on the device such as untested, unapproved third-party probes.