Plasma Pen Tinted Healing Balm 5 x 3ml

£15.00 (ex VAT)



Our Plasma Pen Tinted Healing Balm is an over the counter product that does not require a prescription and which is a powerful and natural anti-bacterial/anti-viral product. It is ideal for patients who wish to apply a degree of camouflage to the area they have had treated whilst still enjoying the many beneficial healing properties of the product which also includes SPF50, antibacterial and antifungal ingredients. In our form, the balm is applied as a topical agent and is not to be ingested. Once applied and left to quickly dry then it leaves a protective coating designed to act as a barrier against infection. It helps speed up skin healing and the active substances offer amazing skin protection benefits including tissue healing, anti-inflammatory properties, sun-protection, improved skin metabolism, increased moisture retention and also disinfectant properties. It can be applied immediately after treatment. The 3ml size is ideal to hand to clients post treatment.