“As you will consistently see across social media and elsewhere, our Plasma Pen, our treatment, our technique, our technicians and our infrastructure, training and support are all universally acclaimed as the dominant market leader. We are resoundingly cited by experts as the go-to fibroblasting device for technicians. Their customers just love our Plasma Pen treatment – and the stunning results it delivers. Here are just a few testimonials and comments from technicians and patients…”

Technician Testimonials

“As a full medical surgeon with a Fellowship in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, I’m now a private Aesthetic Surgeon. Formerly I was Supervisor of a major Surgical Department and Dermatological Clinic where I specialised in radiosurgery and lasersurgery, vessel surgery and surgical oncology.

As such, there are very few procedures in this field which I’m either not completely comfortable with and/or able to expertly critique as a surgical professional. While Plasma Pen is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, I can certainly attest to the fact that this device is, almost uniquely, able to compete with many surgical procedures, especially blepharoplasty, and deliver comparative results to surgery, at least over a course of treatment.

For a professional like myself who only uses the very best equipment, cutting edge processes and partners then I’m happy to state that Louise Walsh International’s Plasma Pen device is exceptional and it has become an important part of my overall toolkit in the aesthetic work I deliver.”

Thomas, Cosmetic Surgeon, Münster, Germany

“As a new technician for Plasma Pen, I was shocked! This was the first time as a therapist that I was actually trained in a device that did exactly as it claimed. The results are instant and you can see the physical transformation in front your own eyes whilst doing the treatment. You don’t need to brag or upsell this procedure because the results speak for themselves. Louise is always there at the end of a private message or on a call and she offers support and friendship during and after training.”

Joanna, Beauty Therapist, SPMU Technician & Aesthetic Practitioner, Southampton, England

“Louise Walsh thank you for introducing me to your Plasma Pen! After using 2 other devices I almost gave up on the plasma idea! From day one with Plasma Pen I got amazing and instantaneous results. My clients are ecstatic and I couldn’t be happier. Your friendly and professional communication, advice, support, encouragement and delivery is so much appreciated!”

Pauline, Permanent Make-up Artist & Aesthetician, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

“I am an Advanced Aesthetics Nurse and Plasma Pen compliments my current aesthetic work beautifully. As in any new venture, especially as a solo clinician, delivering something new to clients can be very daunting. That said, Louise Walsh is the only trainer I know who has ever offered personal support and advice following her training. To know that help or reassurance is only a phone call away is a such a great feeling!”

Rachel, Advanced Aesthetics Nurse, Nottingham, England

“We are specialists in all aspects of skin cancer prevention, skin cancer therapy, the diagnosis and therapy of skin diseases and laser medicine. We deliver the best aesthetic medicine, medical beauty and skin rejuvenation treatments including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, SPMU and cosmetic surgery. Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh is by far the world’s best device for non-surgical skin, lifting, tightening and rejuvenation, especially for us as we blend this exciting and highly effective soft-surgery treatment and sublimation technique with many of the other complimentary solutions that we offer. And it’s so easy to use – clients absolutely love the results.”

Doctor Cordula, Aesthetics, Beauty & Skin Rejuvenation Specialist ,Bendinat, Majorca

“Amazing device, training and results! Amazing Louise Walsh International! I absolutely love what Louise’s new Plasma Pen device, techniques and treatment can achieve when delivered on point by professionals like me who’ve been trained by leaders in this market. It’s the best device out there and the whole package you receive from the training, to the sales and marketing material, to the community and to the 24/7/365 support is incredible. I used Purebeau previously and endured temperamental plasma delivery, mid-treatment breakdowns and then total device failure. The results were nowhere near the same and treatment would often leave large spots as their probes are much thicker and imprecise. Treatment was generally painful and many clients left heavily bruised. I struggled to reach anyone for advice or who could even speak English well enough to answer basic questions. If they ever did reply, they always demanded more money to put their problems right and they even told me the device I had bought from them was a fake Chinese copy and that I wasn’t insured or trained! Bizarre! I threw in the towel and stepped up to Plasma Pen so I’m no longer shackled to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Clients love Plasma Pen, my earnings have soared and the results are remarkable. Louise Walsh works really hard for all her technicians without expecting me to constantly put my hand in my pocket. She and they are the Rolls Royce in this market.”

Michelle, Aesthetician & Trainer, Glasgow, Scotland

“I’m a qualified beauty therapist and I have had my own salon for 11 years. I’m always on courses to better myself and offer the most up-to-date treatments. I first saw fibroblasting courses back in January 2017 and I hummed and hawed about it until later in the year when I just thought get the course done as the results look unreal! So I booked on and I met Louise Walsh who is such a lovely lady and she has made me feel so welcome! The course was brilliant and I really enjoyed the day. I got home and started doing clients and the results with my Plasma Pen are just unreal. I would never put my name to anything that I didn’t think was 100% amazing and this really is. Plasma Pen is by far the best treatment that I offer at my salon.”

Angela, Beauty Therapist, Llandudno, Wales

“I tried another device prior to Plasma Pen and I will say this – don’t bother trying any other devices! just go straight in for the kill and choose Plasma Pen all the way. When I saw the Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International I knew I had to offer this treatment. It almost seemed too good to be true and there had to be a catch. I can assure anyone else thinking of offering or having this treatment that seeing is believing! There is certainly no catch. I have had my own eyes done 3 times now and I am exceptionally happy with the finished results. I also administer this treatment. I feel that I can safely say this will be around for a long time and I am happy to share my views with all who wish to invest in this new venture. Good luck everyone – you will love it and will soon be very addicted!”

Diane, Aesthetician, Chester, England

“Just wanted to give a little feedback… Feedback from clients having had both Purebeau Fibroblast Thunder treatment and Louise’s new Plasma Pen is that with Louise’s device there is no pain, very quick, no immediate swelling and the probe points are smaller. My own feedback of Plasma Pen having used both devices is that the plasma pen is easy to hold, it’s a lighter device and has a UK connector. You get continued flash with their finer probes and it’s easier to get much closer to the lash line, smaller fine lines and folds of skin. It’s quick and easy to use, especially with movement of the eyeball and it continues to constrict and does not lose the contact (therefore one can continue with the treatment). I literally completed treatment in 20 minutes, including cooling time. Very impressed. Oh and a pen holder and all stored in the most amazing safety box! Feedback from clients on day one is that there was minimal swelling and discomfort in comparison to previous treatments with the Purebeau Thunder device. I also used Plasma Pen on my own skin tags to remove at the base. Due to the fine probes they were removed with no skin probe marks at all. Well done Louise Walsh – I am impressed and you know I take some pleasing!”

Joanne, Aesthetician, Barnsley, England

“As a nurse I was keen to ensure I invested in sound equipment coupled with a company that could offer complete comprehensive training, and professional after care. Louise Walsh has a solid foundation in the industry and she provides the professionalism and experience I would expect from a company. The Plasma Ppen is well made, feels great to work with and provides the great results and reliability that one would expect when investing in new equipment. I have had other plasma equipment but reliability and strength of treatment (or lack of it) was an overriding issue. The Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh, has proved to be a fantastic addition to my clinic, my clients have experienced better results and less downtime. Clients who have had treatments with other machines have stated they were much happier with the results after being treated with the Plasma Pen. I would highly recommend Louise Walsh, her team and the Plasma Pen!”

Louise, Aesthetician, Leicester, England

“As a radiation oncologist consultant I do not use Plasma Pen in my work but as a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery I do know a lot about surgical treatments and most aspects of medicine and I consider myself an expert in my field. My wife receives Plasma Pen treatment fairly regularly and it has fascinated me to watch some of these procedures and observe what can be achieved by aestheticians using this new technology. I don’t need my wife to look any more beautiful than she is but the treatment makes her very happy and I have to say the results are visibly impressive. Knowing the risks of any surgery better than most, I’m very happy to see her taking advantage of non-surgical, non-invasive solutions like Plasma Pen over any kind of elective cosmetic surgery procedure.”

Doctor Ian, Oncologist, Dublin, Ireland

“The Plasma Pen device is outstanding and extremely reliable. Less downtime, more accurate and more precise. It delivers every time. Louise Walsh has been a pleasure to deal with from the start. She must be such a busy lady but she still always makes time to answer all your questions and supports you personally. Highly recommended.”

Sarah, Aesthetician, Flimby, Scotland

“Plasma Pen has rapidly become our most in-demand treatment. It’s just that simple. From the minute we added it to our clinical offering we have been inundated with bookings – it’s the treatment and the brand that everyone asks for. The results just speak for themselves, our clients come back time and time again for more treatment.”

Lena, Aesthetician & Clinic Manager, Dubai, UAE

“I’m so pleased with what I achieved with my client today. I previously struggled with my old Purebeau Fibroblast device and it wasn’t as responsive at times which meant I couldn’t work as effectively as I knew I was capable of. I switched to Plasma Pen and I achieved far superior results with my new device by Louise Walsh International.”

Samantha, Spa Manager, London, England

“I was formerly a trainer for Purebeau Fibroblast here in Australia. Then Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International hit the market, turned it upside down and it was just a no-brainer – why eat hotdogs when you can have steak? Louise cares so much and I know the pain and anguish she went through making the tough decision – and huge financial investment – to finally put the enormous credibility of her name to something she truly believed in – Plasma Pen. It’s a gamechanger.”

Jessica, Trainer & Beauty Therapist, Perth, Australia

“I trained in Purebeau Fibroblast and now in Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International. It’s a very simple testimonial to give – my clients only want the Plasma Pen treatment. I only want to use Plasma Pen. There is no sane choice between the two. I wouldn’t have flown to the UK for training at their HQ if I hadn’t already known from my research that it was the market leader and the one that’s making all the waves. Walt Disney said “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friend” and that’s precisely what happens with my clients after their Plasma Pen treatments – they all return and they do so with all their friends. I need a long holiday, I am too busy!”

Gili, Cosmetologist, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Plasma pen from Louise Walsh is an outstanding device. Fabulous results and healing in no time. Highly recommended.”

Thuy, Beautician, Liverpool, England

“I converted from Purebeau Fibroblast where the training was nowhere near as good as Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International’s. Louise Walsh has been so amazing with her training – she’s one of the nicest people I’ve had the privilege to meet in the last few years. I will always recommend her – she’s never far from her phone whenever I need to ask anything and she always sorts things out for me straight away. You get her total backing. The results are amazing too – personally I’ve had my eyelids tightened and my neck and I feel fabulous. I’m a plasma technician and my clients are amazed with the results. I’m so busy that people are now opting out from having Botox to try the Plasma Pen treatment instead as it easily lasts over 18 months and more. You can also have a taster session with Louise just to see if it’s for you without having to pay a penny and no-one else seems to back their product enough to do that for free so what have you got to lose?”

Jewelz, Plasma Specialist, Leicester, England

Client Testimonials

“I have had treatments with Plasma Pen and also with the other old device from Purebeau. Purebeau was ok as it was the only real choice at the time but then the new Plasma Pen came out and it is just so dramatically different and far better. Comparing the two I think I’d gotten maybe up to 50% of the optimal effects – which is still great – but with Louise Walsh’s treatment I get the full 100% and from less work (and OMG from so much less pain). I love it, go try it.”

Bonny, Cardiff, Wales

“Just been for my first treatment of the brand new Plasma Pen fibroblasting system. Was made to feel like a queen by the girls. Always a joy. The treatment today was an enjoyable experience. The procedure itself was tickly and I hardly felt a thing due to the numbing cream. I could actually feel the skin tightening immediately and I cannot wait to see the finished result once healing has completed. I had under neck area and crows feet. My auntie had upper lip and chin and she managed so well with the procedure that at one point she relaxed so much she fell asleep. Thanks girls, looking forward to seeing you again in 12 weeks at Aesthetics Lounge Milngavie!”

Lynette, Plasma Pen Customer, Milngavie, Scotland

“I just love this treatment, I absolutely cannot get enough of it! I used to spend a small fortune on fillers and botox but this is the only procedure I’d ever spend my money on again as it works so well. I mean it really, really works. I saw the before and afters from my beautician here and I still didn’t believe it was all real and actually possible until I had the Plasma Pen treatment and I am just so glad I did. I am now considering moving into the fibroblasting field here in Limerick as it is so exciting and revolutionary and I have so many friends who have now either had Plasma Pen work done or who want it.”

Siobhan, Plasma Pen Customer, Limerick, Ireland

“I first have Plasma Pen necklift treatment in London and since have more treatment home here in Germany. I had and enjoyed many microneedling treatment before with Dermaroller and many other things but Plasma Pen treatment is such a huge step forward from all of this! One of our automobile manufacturers in Germany says ‘vorsprung durch technik’ which I think translates as ‘technology progress’ or ‘technological advancement’ and yes that is certainly very true of Plasma Pen compared to these other treatments I have had before I discovered this amazing thing. I found having Plasma Pen actually quite pleasant and quick but of course, the results are what matter and yes it is true, the results are indeed very excellent, it has given me a lot of confidence as I look and feel youthful a lot more. Is it wrong that I keep looking in the mirror to see what I can have done next?”

Christa, Plasma Pen Customer, Ettlingen, Germany

“I’ve had treatments now on my upper eyelids, crows feet and nasiolabial region. One was with Purebeau Fibroblast and then two with the new Plasma Pen. The Purebeau treatment on my nasiolabial region didn’t really work very well as there was no real improvement or noticeable difference plus I found it a really lengthy and uncomfortable procedure. The swelling and recovery really put me off to be honest but my aesthetician was so evangelical about Plasma Pen when she got it that I was eventually persuaded to get more treatment with it and OMG it was like night and day! Even though she used the same pre-treatment stuff I felt virtually no pain that time despite it being on my upper eyelids which are obviously way more sensitive than where my previous treatment was. There was no bruising then or after and I could really feel it tightening during the procedure – soon as I looked in the mirror my jaw just dropped, I couldn’t believe the difference straight away! I was left with tiny little dots which healed in about 4 days and I was absolutely delighted with the results – my hoods/bags literally just vanished! That of course then led me coming back for more treatment, this time on my crows feet and yet again, the treatment and results were just astonishing. I genuinely feel well over 10 years younger and I would recommend Plasma Pen treatment, and Plasma Pen treatment only, to anyone as it is just out of this world! Great consultation, treatment and follow up from my aesthetician Sarah too by the way, she really knew everything about plasma and she really put me at ease!”

Lynne, Plasma Pen Customer, Liverpool, England

“Big thank you for my Plasma Pen treatments! It’s shaved years off me and it is a quick and pleasant treatment. Virtually no pain – on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d say the worst it got was maybe a 2 or 3. Have since had further Plasma Pen treatments, all stunning, it’s so true that you can feel the lift and the tightening instantly and I got some great aftercare product that helped me heal really quickly each time. I’m not particularly vain, I’d never have botox etc. but I love Plasma Pen as it gives natural results really quickly.”

Max, Plasma Pen Customer, Southport, England

“I have had treatments with Plasma Pen and also with the other old device from Purebeau. Purebeau was ok as it was the only real choice at the time but then the new Plasma Pen came out and it is just so dramatically different and far better. Comparing the two I think I’d gotten maybe up to 50% of the optimal effects – which is still great – but with Louise Walsh’s treatment I get the full 100% and from less work (and OMG from so much less pain). I love it, go try it.”

Bonny, Plasma Pen Client, Cardiff, Wales

“I had Purebeau Fibroblast and it was so much more painful than Plasma Pen which was no more than mildly uncomfortable at its worst. It also seems to be a much quicker treatment. I’ve had several procedures now and I have to admit I am slightly addicted, the effects are just so breathtaking. If you’ve got any wrinkles, bags, creases or anything that you think getting rid of would make you look much younger then forget anything else, you need a Plasma Pen treatment!”

Brenda, Plasma Pen Client, Crosby, England