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Return On Investment

With average aesthetician incomes in the UK of £25,000 per year, beauticians earning around £30,000 per year and dentists and cosmetic surgeons averaging between £90,000 and £200,000, depending on their speciality, Plasma Pen can seriously supercharge anyone’s earning potential. We have created a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator for you below so that you can calculate, conservatively, how fast you will recover your investment and estimate the profit you will likely create with us.  A huge percentage of our technicians earn 6 figure incomes working just a few days a week!

Plasma Pen Price Guide

How We Help

We do our level best to help you achieve rapid ROI and meet your goals every step of the way:

  • Plasma Pen is the go-to treatment, device and brand and the only one that clients asks for by name
  • As market awareness grows exponentially for Plasma Pen as a treatment the demand continues to dramatically outweigh the availability and supply
  • We are the premium global brand with the premium product and premium technicians who offer premium treatments and aftercare. You thus benefit from premium prices among end clients
  • Competitively priced and affordable product/solution with friendly finance options available and low insurance costs
  • Private access to our huge global community of technicians and our retained medical advisory panel to share tips and best practice
  • High quality, professional consumables and added value products available at affordable prices
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty – you are dealing direct with the end manufacture and a business with a 28 year high-profile reputation and global infrastructure
  • Absolute world class training – not just on the treatment but on the effective commercialisation of it
  • Relentless pioneering and innovation from HQ to ensure you always stay ahead of any and all competition

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