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The World’s Most Advanced Nitrogen Plasma Device

With three decades at the top of the beauty industry under our belt; Louise Walsh International released in 2017 what thousands of expert aestheticians, clinicians, cosmetic surgeons, nurse prescribers, aesthetic dentists, spas and other beauty professionals across the globe universally agree is the world’s most advanced, user-friendly, precise and effective nitrogen plasma device.

The unwavering expert feedback is that our nitrogen plasma system – which includes arguably the most tested, validated and endorsed plasma device on the planet – is vastly superior to anything else on the market thanks to its stunning innovations, ingenious design features, extended treatment capabilities, multi-layered, ongoing support and service, dedicated infrastructure and a raft of major advances and value adds which are simply not available elsewhere, in combination, including:

The Just-Right “Goldilocks” Device:
  • German made, lightweight, ergonomic & intelligent design that’s easier, faster, more comfortable and more intuitive to use than any of the alternatives

  • Super-efficient, reliable, consistent and effective delivery of nitrogen plasma with fingertip, on-demand control

  • Ultra-fine 0.2mm and 0.4mm nano-probes (plus the world’s first dual probe) and fractional, permeating tips all of which underpin rapid and super-precision treatment for technicians and deliver shorter downtimes, faster recovery and dramatically improved results to their end clients

  • Our unique and exclusive screw-in, stainless steel, individually sealed and hygienic probes which can be bent, adapted and directed at will allowing technicians to work safely from any angle with absolute precision and predictability to deliver truly meticulous and safe procedures to patients

  • AC-powered, “plug and play” device so no transformers, no power packs and no batteries (all of which can compromise the effective creation and delivery of plasma) meaning we are able to guarantee a continuous and consistent flow of energy alongside an indefinite running time

  • Significantly extended scope of treatments and results finally possible thanks not just to our device and training but also due to the real world best practice gained from over 60,000 treatments delivered with our device over the last 12 months alone – around one every 8 minutes

Excellence In Manufacturing, Quality & Compliance:
  • Entirely developed, designed, manufactured and assembled for us in Germany and distributed worldwide by Louise Walsh International in over 40 countries and counting – you are dealing direct with the manufacturer and a business completely in control of its supply chain and not with a small, parochial reseller of a white labelled third party product

  • CE Certified devices with independent testing to EU and US standards performed by multiple government approved UKAS testing stations

  • FDA facility license with two FDA device classifications in place

  • Insurance backed device and training with full commercial support and friendly finance available plus a full direct from manufacturer warranty of up to 3 years

World Class, Recognised Training:
  • The only provider able to provide government approved qualifications as a Plasmologist with our elite, advanced, master training and associated skills training (all direct from the awarding body) from Level 3 right through to Level 6

  • Beware of grossly misleading claims from some providers about their ‘validated’ or ‘accredited’ training’. The simple fact is we don’t just give CPD points like the minor providers and one-man-bands as that’s neither a recognised qualification nor any kind of genuine verification. A CPD company can only give points and not valid credits (points are only designed for nurses and doctors). With our audited training – delivered by medics and/or non-medics where appropriate – we can give both fully accredited CPD points and CPD credits so, uniquely, we straddle CPD benefits for medics and non-medics alike

UK Business With Global Reach
  • To one extent or another, almost 1,500 technicians, trainers, staff and partners in more than 40 countries rely on Louise Walsh International for their livelihood

  • All the world-class training, global infrastructure and customer-centric, dedicated HQ support that you expect from Louise Walsh International – the undisputed plasma expert – with over 25 academies worldwide and new approved locations opening almost every month

  • Enormous digital, social, press and PR presence with the only internationally recognised and trademarked brand, device and treatment that clients ask for by name

  • Vast and thriving online technician community where we, our long-standing medical advisory panel, our partners, our technicians and our >30 Master Trainers share exclusive content, tips, support, best practice and thought leadership on all things plasma

Our existing technicians alone will deliver over 120,000 treatments during 2019. Factoring in the new technicians joining the international Plasma Pen family every day thanks to our unstoppable worldwide growth, we predict that our army of Plasmologists will together surpass 250,000 treatments in 2019, generating over £100m of technician revenue and eradicating up to 2.5m years of ageing from their customers.

So whether you’re looking to step-up to Plasma Pen from another device, bolstering your existing portfolio of medi-aesthetic or surgical treatments or simply moving into this exciting, next-generation treatment anew; we’re so confident in our product, training and people that we’re happy to invite anyone, for free, to a taster session where you can personally audit our Plasma Pen, our training, live treatments, our team, infrastructure and even the so called ‘competitive’ devices for yourself. We’ll reveal the full truth about plasma and show you everything there is to know without any obligation and allow you to simply judge the facts for yourself.

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