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Plasma Academies

Louise Walsh International’s global Plasma Pen Academies are the only places that provide bona fide, fully certified and professional training to become a genuinely certified Elite or Advanced Plasma Pen Technician for the dominant market leader in this exciting space. 

Our 25+ Plasma Pen Academies worldwide offer platinum standard plasma elite, advanced and refresher training courses designed to develop tomorrow’s world-class technicians, today, using the world’s number one device.

Manufactured in Germany, Headquartered in the UK and Number One worldwide

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International has major manufacturing, sales, supply chain, distribution, support and training infrastructure right across the globe – all built over the three decades we’ve enjoyed at the top of the beauty world.

Our cutting-edge training sessions and plasma masterclasses are run on a frequent basis at our Global Plasma Pen HQ in Southport (near Liverpool), at our 25+ academies around the world, at our regular pop-up sessions and events and, subject to certain existing qualification criteria and experience; online/remotely. Literally every day of every week; new technicians are being trained around the world, joining the international Plasma Pen family and starting their rewarding journey for the only brand and treatment that customers ask for by name.