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Plasma Pen Training

Our beautiful and state-of-the-art Global HQ is home to Louise Walsh and our flagship training academy. It’s the central hub where we manage all our international distribution, operations and our devolved network of Plasma academies around the world – academies where Master Trainers create Elite Technicians.

We stand by our reputation, device, team and infrastructure to the extent that we are happy to invite anyone here for a free taster session. Come and can audit everything – from our training to our people to our Plasma Pen and anything else you need to make an informed decision. There’s no hard sell – just straight talking from the experts.

Plasma Pen Training Medical Experts
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Louise Walsh International Plasma Elite Training Head Office
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Plasma Pen Training

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International delivers three levels of fully accredited training:

  • Plasma Pen Elite Technician
  • Plasma Pen Advanced Technician
  • Plasma Pen Master Technician/Trainer

Plasma Pen: Elite Technician
Our world famous Elite Technician training is the first (and probably only) course you will need to attend and pass in order to become a fully accredited Plasma Pen technician for Louise Walsh International. Post training and certification; you will be able to professionally and precisely perform all of the primary Plasma Pen procedures and, importantly, deliver the phenomenal results and the outstanding safety, hygiene and service standards we insist on to your own clients.

The “go-to” treatment for most Elite Technicians is work on the eyes (non-surgical blepharoplasty) and, in turn, the face and neck. Although many other treatments often use the same methodology, they often require an increased portfolio of real world experience, sophisticated technique and specialist knowledge – especially in terms of advanced aftercare and a greater understanding of the skin and other factors. The heavy focus of our Elite Training is facial work since this will constitute the bulk of activity and revenue based on client demand. For most technicians – especially aestheticians, beauticians and other beauty professionals, this is where your largest revenue potential will be. 

Plasma Pen: Advanced Technician
To even qualify for Advanced Technician training for Plasma Pen, certified Elite Technicians will need to have completed a minimum number of treatments and be able to evidence this. Once assessed (and if approved for eligibility), you will be taught more complex, challenging and niche procedures including facelifts, abdominal work, advanced resurfacing and rejuvenation techniques, pigmentation work, scar revision and many other lucrative procedures such as skin tag and mole removal.  Due to the level of skill and expertise required to become a certified Plasma Pen Advanced Technician, you will then be able to charge an additional premium for all your existing treatments plus expand your overall plasma service offering.

Those purchasing our Plasma Pen Ultra device – which is more geared towards qualified medical professionals including surgeons, dentists and dermatologists – automatically receive Advanced Training.

Plasma Pen: Master Technician/Trainer
Unlike most providers, Master Trainer status with Louise Walsh Invitation is by invitation only. Our Master Trainers never pay us for the privilege – we pay them. As we consolidate our presence in existing territories and/or roll-out into new ones; established, successful and highly skilled Plasma Pen Master Technicians/Trainers are selected by Louise Walsh International and invited to become official Plasma Pen Master Trainers and Ambassadors for us. 

Here are some of our master trainers: