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We understand the science & philosophy of aesthetics. Our highly engineered & controlled device helps the practitioner volumise lips without the risk of trauma, tissue damage, nerve damage or uneven results. These are all known side effects associated with the traditional method of injecting dermal fillers. The unique design of HyaPenPro allows the practitioner to decide both the pressure and volume delivered with each spray. We know that the main blood supply in the lip is 6mm below the surface skin. Most injectable products now come with a 4mm needle, or practitioners are investing in expensive pliable cannulas, in an attempt to reduce trauma and side effects. The HyaPenPro device delivers the product at 1mm, 2mm & 3mm depths therefore eliminating all risks from this procedure.

What is HyaPenPro?

Following the success of the design & development of the Louise Walsh International Plasma Pen, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new device the HyaPenPro. We have utilised our knowledge & use of German engineering, combined with our understanding of market trend to develop this new device. If you are seeking a way to decrease the appearance of wrinkles or to boost volume in your lips? Or you may be resigned to the fact that you’ll need to seek treatment involving needles? However, while most fillers are injected using a needle, there is new technology that gives the same results without a needle. It’s true – the Hyaluron Pen now offers clients at Beauty and Body by Mia to enjoy beautiful results without the pain or anxiety that can come from needle injections. Beauticians & aestheticians see the dead outer layer of the skin as the enemy, but in this case it is our friend. The stratum corneum most often referred to as the ‘Brick wall of the skin’ is gently pushed apart by the air dispersed by the HyaPenPro. Hyaluronic acid is therefore gently sprayed into the Dermis with no force or trauma. Extensive training in the art of aesthetics is provided. You will also be given your own pharmacy account when you have completed your training.

hyapen client having treatment
client having hyapen treatment
How Is HyaPenPro Different Than Other Hyaluron Pens On The Market?
Their are many fundamental differences in our device compared to other hyaluron devices. Our device has been engineered & manufactured in Germany, to the highest standards. Also unique to HyaPenPro, our device can deliver 0.01ml of product at 5 variable pressure settings, this allows a more bespoke delivery than needle injectables ever could. The variable pressure settings therefore allow you as a practitioner to correctly titrate the pressure to the clients skin density. Unlike most other pens on the market, you be will provided with extensive training in the art of aesthetics. This will allow you to get safe, effective and long-lasting results for your clients. We don’t just hand you your device and send you out the door. Our Master Trainers are here to teach, support and provide extensive aftercare guidance & advice. You will also be enrolled into our private technician forum. Where you’ll be able to access best practise tips & tricks, advice & support from our community of Master Trainers, Technicians & Medical Professionals.
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How Our Training Can Set You Apart From The Rest
We are handing you the best device on the market. We have also ensured that every product you are trained in has the correct viscosity & molecular weight to get the best and safest results. In simple terms you will understand how to use the device and avoid any adverse results. You will also be able to access up to date and on going advice about all the products available for your device. Louise Walsh International has a substantial multi-disciplinary team that are all involved in the design and running of all our training programs. This team comprises Maxillae Facial, Plastics, Anaesthetic, Medical, Nursing, Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Design, Marketing & IT experts.
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How Do I Purchase The Device & Training?

Full comprehensive device training is given to all of our customers, if you purchase our device through the store, upon purchase a member of staff will contact you with available training dates and locations bespoke to you. We have training centres across the global. All delivering extensive training in: Skin/Lip anatomy, actuations/spray, best practise techniques, advice aftercare & more. HyaPenPro by Louise Walsh International prides itself on the extensive training given to its technicians. With the huge success of Plasma Pen training > 1,250 technicians globally in 2018 alone. LWI knows a thing or two about providing customers with full product knowledge, support & aftercare.

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