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Louise Walsh showcasing the Plasma Pen Classic
Louise Walsh showcasing the Plasma pen Classic
Louise Walsh showcasing the Plasma Pen
Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International
Louise Walsh showcasing the Plasma Pen
Louise Walsh showcasing the Plasma Pen Ultra

The World’s Number One
Nitrogen Plasma Device

Plasma Pen is the world’s most advanced non-invasive, skin-lifting, skin-tightening, rejuvenation, resurfacing and regeneration plasma device on the market.  The #1, go-to brand and solution for beauty, aesthetics, spa and medical professionals worldwide; Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International has been designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany for next-generation, soft-surgery “fibroblasting” and is widely acclaimed as the sleekest, safest and most validated AC powered nitrogen plasma device in its class. Our pen features numerous innovations and advances simply not available elsewhere in combination – all of which converge to deliver the most optimal and natural looking, long-lasting results, the shortest downtimes and the fastest recovery. 

About Plasma Pen

Platinum Standard Training

With over 1,250 Elite Technicians trained in 2018 alone who delivered over 60,000 treatments with our device during the same period; we offer platinum star levels of accredited training, service and support across the globe. Plasma Pen Training Academies and our team of Master Plasmologists are the only places to receive genuine, certified and fully accredited training to become an Elite or Advanced Plasma Technician. We are famed for our unprecedented levels of personal support and your plasma journey only begins with your initial purchase. Thereafter, we work closely with you and provide heavyweight support on advanced technique, best practice, marketing and commercialisation.

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Plasma Pen Testimonials

“Plasma Pen has rapidly become our most in-demand treatment. It’s just that simple. From the minute we added it to our clinical offering we have been inundated with bookings – it’s the treatment and the brand that everyone asks for.”

Lena, Aesthetician & Clinic Manager

“I’m so pleased with what I achieved with my client today. I previously struggled with my old Purebeau Fibroblast device and it wasn’t as responsive at times, which meant I couldn’t work as effectively as I knew I was capable of. I switched to Plasma Pen and I achieved far superior results with my new device.”

Samantha, Spa Manager

“The trainers from both my area and around the world are amazing at what they do, and very knowledgeable in the field! I’m so glad I chose to train with Louise Walsh International as they’re the best in the business! My results are amazing and I have hundreds of very happy clients! Thank you again for all of my ongoing support and opportunities!”

Amy, Technician

About Louise Walsh

Louise Walsh has been one of the biggest names in global beauty for three decades and is the celebrity aesthetician, beauty entrepreneur, internationally acclaimed trainer and SPMU leader with an international manufacturing, sales and distribution network spanning 40 countries and a high-profile and long-standing global reputation across TV, print and digital media.

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Finance Options – Friendly Finance

Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is dedicated to helping the best become the best.  If you are based in the UK and have got what it takes to become an Elite or Advanced Technician then Plasma Pen is able to offer you a number of friendly finance options – as well as comprehensive insurance cover, accredited training and access to every pre and post treatment product and treatment delivery enhancers you could wish for. A number of partners of ours around the world also offer their own finance/payment solutions, including in the USA and Scandinavia. 

Finance options

Dramatically Increase Your Earnings

Plasma treatment and the technology, training and technique behind it has rapidly become ubiquitous in the beauty world. With the right device, training, best practice, community and global infrastructure then the results are stunning and it’s an incredibly sought after treatment. Ultimately, Plasma Pen is the treatment and device clients ask for by name and technicians who use our device – and who are expertly trained by Louise Walsh International – experience dramatic increases in their earning potential, enjoy incredible professional development, rapid ROI and benefit from a huge boost to their own value proposition.

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Why Choose Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International?

Compelling Clinical Outcomes

Plasma Pen helps spectacularly improves skin tone, brightness, laxity and texture and spectacularly lifts and tightens loose skin. The extensive dermal and epidermal re- modelling we stimulate (which includes neocollagenesis, neoelastogenesis and neoepithelialisation) leads to a dramatic reduction/elimination of photoageing and superficial wrinkles, the partial to complete elimination of medium-depth wrinkles and a marked improvement, plumping and softening of deep wrinkles.

Rapid Treatment & Healing

With rapid treatment sessions possible thanks to our unique nano-probes, our super-efficient plasma delivery system and exclusive access to all the best pre and post treatment products and treatment delivery enhancers then, with Plasma Pen,  aftercare is simple and effective. There are little or no untoward side-effects or pain and our technicians are able to offer a huge array of next-generation treatments, all with the shortest downtimes, the fastest recovery and long-lasting, optimal results.

Immediate, High Impact Results

Plasma Pen is a highly versatile, non-invasive and non-surgical treatment where results are practically immediate (permanent in some cases) and generally last up to 3 years in others – all with no blood, no open wounds, no suturing, no scalpels, no cutting of the skin, no injectable anaesthetic, no heavy ablation, no excessive collateral thermal injury, no chemicals, no thinning of the skin, no complications and ultimately no need for costly and invasive surgery.

Safe, Cost Effective & Natural

Our device, pioneering treatments and unique ability to always work safely at a predictable depth of tissue injury leaves natural and younger looking skin – especially compared to laser, dermabrasion and chemabrasion, which can leave the skin light, pigmented and shiny. Plasma Pen is especially effective in eyelid tightening and eyelid hood reduction and is one of the only safe treatments for ‘blepharoplasty’ outside of surgery. It is enormously cost-effective compared to the alternatives.

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